They say insanity is trying over and over and expecting different results. And sometimes those results do materialize in our lives. Medium is certainly a complex place, I'm not an expert by any means but I believe I've gotten the hang of it. It seems to me many popular writers on Medium are also newspaper writers and so on - I also am fortunate to be in that group. I was actually about to give up on Medium but then an influential (around a thousand followers back then) person liked one of my articles and I thought: ''Heck, let's stay a little longer.'' That's why it's awesome when more established Medium writers notice other writers and artists. I also wrote an alternate reality novel and got positive feedback. But I get what you're saying - it's a tricky place.

Author of ‘’Euthanizers.’’ Looking for agents and publishers. Gmail: In the alternate reality, I’ve been cursed to be a German girl.