How influential are you?

What’s your social clout?

We often talk about how little influence we have on the world. I can certainly understand this kind of thinking.

But let’s reverse the order. Ask yourself: how influential are you? What are your social connections? Friends, acquaintances, total strangers?

Some say ‘’show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.’’ It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that surrounding yourself (online or in person) with ambitious and high-performance people will rub off on you. Same when you surround yourself with toxic, negative people who find fault with everything.

You want to write a novel?

‘’Get a real job and stop dreaming. Get back to the real world.’’

And someone else, who was in a supportive environment, is now a bestselling author while you (not you you, just using it as an example) are staring at the screen, frustrated and ‘’mentally castrated.’’

It’s better not to interact with anyone at all if the only choice you have are small-minded, toxic people who love you when you’re small and like them and hate you — with a passion — the minute you succeed.

So, what’s your social clout? You just might be surprised you’re more powerful than you think!

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