Despite all the ‘’change’’ and ‘’progress’’ assurances women are still treated as window dressings

Women are told they are now free to do what they want — choose any career they want.

But the ‘’good girl’’ curse or the ‘’ladylike’’ curse is still here. Sure, when its about public relations, appreciating women is crucial — but when no one is watching, many companies and institutions forget about appreciation and go back to their original mode. And that is disrespect, emotional labor (playing the babysitter of adults at work for free). . .well, you get the idea. These companies and institutions don’t really care what women have to say — it’s about the virtue-signaling and virtue points. Helping the damsels in distress. Pretending a woman’s voice matters.

Women are encouraged — implicitly and explicitly — to talk and focus on trivial and banal matters. You know ‘’womanly virtues’’ and stuff like that.

Just look at all the positions of money and importance— you won’t find many women there. Sure, it happens, but it’s extremely rare. This should tell you all you need to know.

Is there a way to fix it? Is the only way to fix it making men magically experience a woman’s perspective?

Who knows.

Author of ‘’Euthanizers.’’ Looking for agents and publishers. Gmail: In the alternate reality, I’ve been cursed to be a German girl.