You can embark on your own newspaper article writing adventure!

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So how did my Korea Times article writing adventure start?

*Korea Times — one of the most influential English-language newspapers in South Korea.

My Korea Times writing adventure goes back to November 2016. That’s when I started working in China as a Polish language teacher. What’s…

Stalkers thrive in 2021

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A stereotypical stalker is a disheveled man who tries to break into a home of a K-pop star. While global icons are vulnerable to stalking, anyone can be a stalking victim. What’s even more disturbing is that many stalkers are hard to spot, so be careful who you associate with. When you smile at a stalker, he sees it as an invitation to enter your life. Bombarding you with personal questions is an obvious warning sign. Stalkers don’t respect personal boundaries. They constantly vacillate between love and hate. Then again, when the stranger is a foreigner, it might be a…

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Medium is a great site. Many excellent writers share their ideas with the world. But it can be an overwhelming virtual meeting place for new writers. Let’s take a look at what might happen to some new writers on Medium. . .on an emotional level. As counter-intuitive as it is, a new writer can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas and concepts on Medium; thousands of top quality articles, obviously written by brilliant minds, offering advice and making suggestions.

While it’s great there are so many ideas on Medium, it’s also possible…

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Link to my novel snippet:

2021 is shaping up to be a roller-coaster ride. I know what you’re probably thinking: ‘’Well, thank you, Captain Obvious.’’ Let’s get down to business, then!

Don’t take things personally

Someone doesn’t like you? Well, that’s too bad. Never take caustic and passive-aggressive comments personally. They’re usually a projection of another person’s insecurity issues. Actually, it’s a covert compliment, as I call it because — deep down — the toxic person knows you’re so good at what you do that they’re likely never going to be on the same level as you. And it…

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You know how it goes. You have a terrible boss who’s basically making you jump through hoops. And you need to jump through as many hoops as you’re told — otherwise, you won’t get paid and you’ll starve. Now, I’m sure you know some people at work who’d love to have a magic wand to make others literally jump through hoops. Kind of like this. I can picture you, dear reader, nodding vigorously, maybe even smiling.

I shiver at the thought of what many managers and employees would do if they had magical powers.

All that pent-up anger . …

For me, it’s ‘’skirting the issue.’’

Women are told they are now free to do what they want — choose any career they want.

But the ‘’good girl’’ curse or the ‘’ladylike’’ curse is still here. Sure, when it’s about public relations, appreciating women is crucial — but when no one is watching, many companies and institutions forget about appreciation and go back to their original mode. And that is disrespect, emotional labor (playing the babysitter of adults at work for free). . .well, you get the idea. These companies and institutions don’t really care what women have to say — it’s about the virtue-signaling and…

Have you noticed the modern ‘celebrity coach’ phenomenon?

A celebrity coach writes a sentence on social media and 99% of people clap like trained seals.’

‘Oh that’s so insightful’

‘Oh, thank you for sharing’

‘’Oh I agree!’’

Ad infinitum.

Hilarious and tragic at the same time, don’t you think?

Don’t get me wrong: sharing ideas is great -as long as there’s a thought process behind it.

Do you think these celebrity coaches read the comments?


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